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Air pumps can not only be used to provide decorative bubble displays in aquariums but provide vital oxygen into the tank. Air pumps can be used to power certain filters such as undergravel and foam filters or simply connect to an airstone for a spray of bubbles pumping air into the tank. A choice of different sized airpumps offering varied outputs and multiple or single connections to serve your chosen purpose.

There are many options of airstones, bubble walls, air operated ornaments and LED light bubble walls available at Aquarium Liverpool. We currently stock air pumps from Tetra, Betta and Aqua One. Larger airpumps from Blagdon and Pond One are also available for very large aquariums, holding tanks or fish rooms as well as battery operated airpumps from Boyu ideal for fish transportation and emergencies. Airline or tubing, connections and clamps are all sold instore to fit all of our air pumps and accessories.